The Problem

The roof of any conservatory is without doubt the most vulnerable part of the structure. High winds, rainfall and the occasional hot day all take their turns to fade, crack, warp and just generally deteriorate the conservatory’s external appearance and occasionally the structural integrity of the framework and the glazing.

Lack of maintenance is also an issue. From simple cleaning through to the re-treating of timber roof structures can cause the majority of householders a problem, largely because they lack the special equipment to allow them to access and work on the conservatory roof.

When these problems start to take hold, the roof will begin to fail, maybe letting in some water for a start and then possibly will begin to rot (in the case of timber buildings)

In these days of awareness with global warming an ever present news item, heat and energy loss is also an issue, a large majority of structures (especially the older models) will have thinner less thermally efficient conservatory roofing systems in place, and as a result are costing the householder both in heat loss, comfort, usability and of course increased fuel bills.

The Conservatory Roof Company can offer a full range of services from basic leak repairs, conservatory roof upgrades right through to full roof replacement.

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