Overheating Conservatories

An overheating conservatory or, in other words, a conservatory that’s too hot is a very common problem that people face. We have found that unless things are planned properly at the start, these wonderful buildings can be rendered virtually unusable during the hot summer days.

There are so many options for conservatory owners to consider. A lot of the decisions arise after determining the direction that the conservatory will face once installed. What is the correct roofing material for this position, are roof ventilators required, do I need air conditioning, self-cleaning glass or polycarbonate, etc etc.

Conservatories that are built into gardens that face north or an easterly direction, or into gardens that are very shady should not get too hot. It is the conservatories that face south or west that can easily suffer from overheating.

For north facing conservatories or those in shaded gardens it is important to ensure that a good amount of light gets into the structure. Depending on your budget, we recommend a clear or a white ‘Opal’ finish polycarbonate, but if finances allow its well worth investing in a glass roof. The best glass for this purpose is Pilkington ‘activ’ glass. This is available in a clear finish for shady gardens, it has a special self cleaning coating that stops dirt and the like adhering to the surface, this is simply washed away with rainfall or a gentle hose down.

For south or west facing gardens that attract a lot of sun, its worth fitting from a choice of tinted or ‘heatguard’ Polycarbonate options, or use the ‘activ’ glass with a blue tint. This has superb solar control and will drastically reduce the heat build up inside the conservatory making it liveable all year round.

As with most decisions, there are good and bad points to consider when choosing a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof. The latter is cheaper, it is light and virtually unbreakable. The downside is that even with the clear finish, the view through the conservatory roof is somewhat distorted, and is quite noisy in rainfall. Glass, however, is silent when it rains, it can show the dirt unless a self cleaning options is chosen, but it gives greater insulation and wonderful views of the sky and stars at night.

Its worth considering one or more roof ventilators to be fitted into the conservatory roof. These are available with either manual or electric operators and are great at clearing any heat build up by venting it out through the roof.

For those with existing conservatories, there are many options available to cure an overheating conservatory. Fitting roof ventilators, if none are fitted, will help to cool the building down. For polycarbonate roofs, there are several options: firstly if the roof is currently glazed with clear polycarbonate, the sheets could be replaced with a tinted or a heat-guard option.

It may well be possible to re-glaze the conservatory roof with glass units. However if the original roof is not strong enough to support glass units, new purpose built roofs are available that can be fitted for a fraction of the cost of a new conservatory.

Other options to consider are the fitting of solar inserts or roof blinds – we are more than happy to provide you with details for these products

For conservatories with older clear glass roofs, again the option of fitting roof vents, exchanging the glass for a special thermal glass or blinds are the main options. Whatever your requirements we are only to pleased to advise and quote you for the works required.

We can also help with a conservatory that is too cold.

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